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Tag Archive for ‘cyber stalking’

Cyberstalking: Warning Signs Your Child is Being Cyberstalked

Cyberstalking is sometimes misconstrued as a minor problem because the harassment does not occur face-to-face, but don’t be fooled by the disguise.  Cyberstalking (harassment or unwanted communication via technology) can lead to in-person stalking, sexting, and cyberbullying, and should be taken very seriously. To stop cyberstalking, we must first understand the warning signs and recognize [...]

Text Messages: U.S. Teens Send Over 3,000 Text Messages Per Month

You’ve given in. Your teenager now has a cell phone. You probably got it for emergency purposes, right? Hey, your child’s a “good kid.” Nothing to worry about… Okay, so maybe you’ve noticed that he or she has been glued to a cell phone lately, but c’mon, what kid isn’t?!  Besides, they only send text [...]

Cyberstalking: Portrait of a Facebook Stalker

Cyberstalkers are not always sexual predators and do not all look like criminals. In fact, in person- they may appear to be just like you and I, but make no mistake: cyberstalkers are driven by obsession, jealousy, manipulation, power, and a slew of other harmful characteristics. If you’re a member of Facebook, you’ve probably heard [...]

Cyberstalking: Spyware Allows Stalkers to Tap Into Cell Phones

You probably think that your cell phone calls are always private and secure, but you’re wrong. A quick Google search will lead you to hundreds of different types of stealth technology services available to anyone for spying purposes. These surveillance products are extremely easy to install and allow cyberstalkers to tap into any target mobile [...]

Cyberbullying: Phoebe Prince Trial Starts in March for One of Six Alleged Cyberbullies

A judge in Hampshire County Superior Court in Northampton, Massachusetts yesterday set a March trial date for eighteen-year-old Sean Muleyville, one of six defendants in the Phoebe Prince case. Fifteen-year-old Prince committed suicide on January 14th after allegedly suffering months of bullying at school and online. Charges against the alleged bullies range from criminal harassment, [...]

Privacy: Google Engineer Fired After Spying on Seattle Teens Online

A very disturbing story appeared on Gawker’s website about a 27-year old Google engineer named David Barksdale who was fired from Google’s Kirkland, Washington office after allegedly spying on four teenagers’ online accounts for months. Google has since corroborated the report. Barksdale, who describes himself as a hacker, had met the teens (all minors) at [...]

Internet Safety: Tips for Safe Teen Blogging

We all know a teenager or two who blogs and maybe even vlogs (video blogging) because online journals are great ways for teens and kids to engage in self-expression. There are many positive benefits of blogging which include identity building, improved writing and communication skills, and more. Over half of all blogs on the Internet [...]

Internet Safety: Tips for Using GPS-based Websites

Knowing how to work and play safely with GPS-based sites such as FourSquare is paramount.  They are gaining in popularity and can pose security risks to unwitting users.  These sites are member based and involve frequent “check-ins” from members via a cell phone app that uses the phone’s geolocation technology – the technology that gives [...]

Video Games: Online Game Safety Tips

Online games are wildly popular, deeply immersive, and a whole lot of fun. Players are encouraged to abandon their realities and explore a virtual world on their own, or among a group of online friends.  Parents, however, need to be alert.  Online games launch children into a world with hundreds, maybe thousands, of other real [...]

Sexting: Online “Sextortion” of Teens Increasing

Federal Authorities have made it official: online cases of sexual extortion or sexual exploitation of teenagers are mounting. It starts with a teen who takes a nude photograph of him/herself. At first glance, it seems harmless. They send the photo to a boyfriend or girlfriend via cell phone. This act is otherwise known as sexting, [...]

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