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Internet Safety: Tips for Using GPS-based Websites

Knowing how to work and play safely with GPS-based sites such as FourSquare is paramount.  They are gaining in popularity and can pose security risks to unwitting users.  These sites are member based and involve frequent “check-ins” from members via a cell phone app that uses the phone’s geolocation technology – the technology that gives [...]

Video Games: Online Game Safety Tips

Online games are wildly popular, deeply immersive, and a whole lot of fun. Players are encouraged to abandon their realities and explore a virtual world on their own, or among a group of online friends.  Parents, however, need to be alert.  Online games launch children into a world with hundreds, maybe thousands, of other real [...]

Sexting: Online “Sextortion” of Teens Increasing

Federal Authorities have made it official: online cases of sexual extortion or sexual exploitation of teenagers are mounting. It starts with a teen who takes a nude photograph of him/herself. At first glance, it seems harmless. They send the photo to a boyfriend or girlfriend via cell phone. This act is otherwise known as sexting, [...]

Parenting: Is Technology Good for the Family?

A new survey conducted by Parenting Magazine and BlogHer, set to be published in September’s issue of Parenting Magazine, found that 88% of moms want to be “up on new technology” so they can monitor their child’s online activities. Although only 5% of the 1,032 moms surveyed believe that their child is addicted to online [...]

Privacy: Dangers of Oversharing Online

Oversharing is when a person divulges excessive personal information in a public forum.  The biggest concern is when an individual overshares information that could make him or her a target for cyber-stalkers and/or cyberbullies.  Children and teenagers are particularly susceptible to this, as their networks are large, and they frequently post details. Despite an understanding [...]

Cyberbullying: 11-year-old Girl Receives Death Threats Due to Online Video Chat

Eleven-year-old Jessi Slaughter (a.k.a. kerligirl13) is now under police protection after receiving death threats from several cyberbullies.  It all started when Slaughter encountered several “haters” in a live, online video chat room using a site called Stickam which hosts real-time, streaming videos.  Slaughter subsequently recorded a response video to the bullies from her bedroom webcam and [...]

Cyber-Stalking: University of Iowa Warns Students about Facebook Scam

Public safety officials at the University of Iowa issued a strong warning to students today about a male suspect who is posing as a talent agent for United Talent Agency and contacts students (mainly females) through Facebook. Using the aliases “Trent Brungard” and “Trenton Brungard,” the suspect first requests personal information from the women for [...]

Privacy: Popular GPS–based Sites Pose Security Risks

Location-based websites that use a combination of GPS technology, gameplay, and marketing have become one of the hottest trends in social media today. Members of one such website, called Foursquare, earn virtual badges and rankings after they visit specific locations throughout their city and “check-in” via a cell phone app. Foursquare boasts over 1 million [...]

Privacy: Google Stores Your Internet Searches Forever

When you type a few search words into the Google search box, Google saves each and every one of your search activities.  While some degree of anonymity is achieved (your name and address are not attached to the searches), this personal information can be easily obtained by peeling back some of the layers once your [...]

Social Networks: Over 30,000 Users Simultaneously Quit Facebook

In protest of the social networking giant’s privacy policies, more than 30,000 people quit Facebook at 23:00 GMT, according to the website which organized the synchronized deletion of accounts. “For us it comes down to two things: fair choices and best intentions. In our view, Facebook doesn’t do a good job in either department,” [...]

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