Internet Security Concerns


SafetyWeb is built by the folks who built the top online social networks. It allows you to track your child’s activities on the internet, including what your child says and photos s/he posts on social networks such as Facebook and MySpace.  SafetyWeb uses the email address(es) you provide to keep tabs on your child and sends you alerts as events occur.

Our service searches anything that is on the Internet. Currently, our services are only provided with an English interface, but we search across most languages.

Important! SafetyWeb is ONLY intended to keep parents and legal guardians informed about how their kids interact online. It is not intended for any other use.

Subscription Benefits

SafetyWeb tracks and sends alerts about your child’s activities on the internet. Standard web searches are only a tiny part of what we do. We not only search the deep web for traces of information that can help parents and children, but we also look for patterns and irregularities that might raise concerns.

A SafetyWeb account gives you:

  • Access to our reporting and Web management system.
  • Access to our 24-hour online and email support.
  • Instant alerts and weekly summaries.
  • Special offers for extended family plans and referral discounts.

After you register for a subscription, we immediately scour the deep web and build a profile for your child or children. We then continue to scour the web and report on anything that changes or appears anomalous. The coverage we provide is ongoing.

In addition to the obvious social sites (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.), our search algorithms are designed to scour places most parents have never even heard of. We are constantly looking for new sites that pop up and expanding our reach.


SafetyWeb provides you with detailed reports on a weekly basis and 24-hour access to our website services for /month for your first child.

Getting Results

SafetyWeb constantly looks for new information and changes to existing information. After you create a profile, we continuously monitor it for any changes. Based on your preferences, we send you summary reports on a regular basis and notify you immediate if we detect any reason for concern.

Depending on the user and the sources of data, some results might be instant, and some will take a little longer. Remember, the information SafetyWeb provides is not like a credit report that you check once in a while. We keep a watchful eye out for the kinds of things a parent should know about as soon as possible.

Suggesting Content to SafetyWeb

If you are aware of any sources that we might not be detecting properly, please let us know immediately:


Keeping Your Personal Information Safe

SafetyWeb uses sophisticated security and backup methods. We DO NOT share or sell your information with anyone, unless it is for the EXPRESS PURPOSE of helping you or your family with problems online. We value the trust our clients have placed in us and use this trust to help our clients stay informed about their families online.

Ensuring Only You Can Track Your Family

SafetyWeb was created to help families and their children. We crosscheck payment information and other data to ensure that our services are not used in violation of our Terms of Service. If your credit card and information don’t pass our strict data validation criteria, we do not allow you to sign up for our services.

Providing Help With “The Bad Stuff”

SafetyWeb can offer assistance on how to best remove questionable content (within the guidelines of the First Amendment), how to contact the appropriate people, or direct you to the appropriate resources to help you keep your children safe. If there are laws being broken, you should immediately report this to the appropriate legal authorities.