• Advanced tools for monitoring your child’s online and mobile activity without snooping

    Technology evolved the world. SafetyWeb evolved parenting. We provide targeted monitoring and customizable tools to help parents keep up with the digital worlds of today’s children and teens. We filter mobile phone and Internet activity looking for both positive and red flag behavior. We report it all to you using timely alerts and a convenient online dashboard so you can see accounts, photos, friends, tweets, posts, texting/calling frequency and more, all in one place.

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  • Detect Online Accounts

    We start with your kids’ email addresses. Then we show you what online accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, they are using. We also report whether the accounts are public or private, when they open new accounts and whether they change or maintain their privacy settings. All to help you understand how big of a digital footprint your kids are creating.

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  • Track Mobile Use

    We can also connect to your mobile service provider in order to show you how frequently your kids are calling and texting. We break down their mobile phone usage into easy-to-digest fragments. We show you the volume of calls and texts from week to week, before you receive your monthly phone bill. You can easily see the phone numbers with which your kids communicate the most. Plus find out if your kids are using their phones when they shouldn’t be, such as during class, by establishing customized monitoring timeframes and mobile alerts, with results available the very next day.

    Know Who Your Child is Calling and How Often
  • Monitor Concerning Topics and Keywords

    Next we look at what your kids are posting publicly to their online accounts – and therefore the Internet and world at large. We alert you to your kids’ use of hundreds of keywords. These keywords relate to seven topics of major concern: eating disorders; depression; adult content/profanity; bullying/threats; drugs/alcohol; suspicious contact; racism/hate. You’re free to add or delete keywords at any time, and we’ll integrate your custom keywords for you.

    Identify Concerning Trends & Topics Online
  • Round up Photos and Videos

    The Internet is overflowing with photos and videos. We find ones that relate to your kids. We pull the photos and videos they post to their public online accounts directly into your dashboard for you to review, as well as any public photos or videos in which your kids are tagged. By monitoring the most popular social sites, both established and new ones, we can alert you to content that may damage your kids’ reputations or put them at risk by showing where they go to school.

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  • Check for Age-Appropriate Friends

    SafetyWeb targets the birthdates on public Facebook profiles, comparing your kids’ ages to the ages of their friends. We’ll alert you to any substantial age differences. Kids have relaxed attitudes when they’re online, connecting with people they know in real life and ones they don’t. If you find that an older friend is cause for concern, you’ll be able to talk with your kids about the potential dangers.

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