SWOT For Law Enforcement

Investigate Missing Children.

The SafetyWeb Online Tracking (SWOT) tool is provided as a free service to Law Enforcement agencies as a front line tool for the investigation of missing or lost children.

Request Free Access - Must be able to verify law enforcement status

SWOT - Why we did this

The SWOT for Law Enforcement tool provides the ability for law enforcement personnel to locate the social networking service (SNS) accounts of the child and access recent public postings by the missing or lost child across the most popular sites on the web in real-time. It will also allow the investigative team to monitor those SNS accounts by the child, which may generate new leads within the investigation.

Features at a glance:

  • Instant Alerts
  • Video Site Tracking
  • Social Network Tracking
  • Your Privacy Protected
  • Photo Site Tracking
  • No software to install