• You want to give your kids everything. So give them safety in the digital world

    Today kids can go more places and interact with more people without even leaving home. SafetyWeb monitors their online and mobile activity so you’re in the know without stepping on anyone’s toes. Know what sites they’re using, what they’re posting publicly, when they’re texting and with whom they connect, all without breaking the privacy barrier.

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  • Online Activity at a Glance

    The Internet is a big place. We narrow it down to your kids’ social accounts so you can easily see what they’re posting for the world to see.

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  • Tackle Problems Together

    When you know what’s going on, whether it’s bullying or texting during school, you can give your kids the help they need. SafetyWeb empowers you to help protect their well-being.

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  • Safeguard the Future

    Instant gratification might not be the only outcome of an online post. We alert you to the type of online content you wouldn’t want your kids’ college recruiter finding.

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  • Need to Know Basis

    SafetyWeb is built to detect potential problems, not give you the key to your kids’ diaries. We only alert you to potentially concerning online and mobile activity.

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  • Experian-Powered Protection

    SafteyWeb gives you the tools you need to help protect your kids’ safety, privacy and reputation. We use technology backed by Experian®, a global leader in consumer monitoring and protection products.

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